ARBOS, a great success at EIMA 2016

Our prestigious white and green brand continues its ascent in the international markets and in fact ARBOS presented itself as a great Company at the EIMA International with its 5000 series, versatile and multifunctional in the 100-130 hp power segment, with the series 6000, robust and reliable in the 140-200 hp power segment, and with the series 7000, rising to 260 hp, embodies the highest expression of Arbos engineering concepts.
To communicate better the corporate philosophy we wanted to make a special stand, from concept TECNO-GREEN, where the TECNO part was represented by metal structures, aluminum, a sort of futuristic tree surrounded by technologies of the agriculture group, and the GREEN one was instead symbolized by natural wood structures, with a real ancient olive tree as a symbol of attachment to the land and to our Mediterranean origins.
In particular, however, in Hall 19 at stand B2, were staged the following ARBOS products: